Cinco de Mayo at La Palapa!


Margarita Loca
tequila CaboWabo reposado, tamarind, agave nectar and lime, miguelito spiced rim 13. 

Cabo No.5 Shot y Sangrita
Cabo Wabo Silver shot infused with ripe red fiery chiles jalapeños, pomegranate~chile chaser 13.

Cazuela Ilegal
mescal Ilegal Joven muddled with fresh mango, mint, Jarritos grapefruit splash, chile piquín salt rim 14.


Antojitos ~ Appetizers


Sopa Fría de Aguacate con Pepitas 
luscious chilled avocado soup, cile spiced pumpkinseeds  7.

Sopa Fría Gazpacho con Tomatillo de Milpa
crisp and delicious chilled soup of tomato, gooseberries, poblanos and mexican herbs 7.

La Palapa Guacamole
mexican avocados hand crushed to order ~ chile serrano spiced to taste
  ~ blue and yellow cumin seasoned totopos or corn tortillas  14.

Crepas con Salpicón de Cangrejo al Chiltomate
tender crepes stuffed with sautéed lump crab and chile hash,  roast chile~tomato salsa 12.

Costillas de Puerco en Tamarindo
baby back ribs in a tamarind~ancho~pasilla  salsa, warm corn tortillas 10.

Ensalada de Milpa
arugula, tomatillo de milpa gooseberries, cucumber, avocado
hearts of palm, habanero~basil vinaigrette 10.

Ceviche Caribeño
sea scallops, fresh lime juice, coconut milk, grilled red onions, serrano chile, cilantro 12.

Jalapeños Torreados
char-grilled whole jalapeños, lime and pacific sea salt 5.


Platos Fuertes ~ Entrees 

 Chile en Nogada
traditional for Mexican fiestas ~ roast poblano stuffed with sweet and savory beef and pork
pine nuts, apples, almonds, raisins and fruits, cool walnut and queso fresco crema
sprinkled with pomegranates ~ served with a basket of warm tortillas 20.

Mixiote de Cordero
a dish from the Sierras ~ slow braised lamb shank marinated in adobo
~ chile rub ~with chile de arbol and avocado leaves 21.

Enchiladas Fundidas de Flor y Dos Quesos
baked enchiladas stuffed with squash blossoms, smothered in tomatillo habanero salsa
and melted queso oaxaca and queso chihuahua 20.

Chamorro en Mole Negro Oaxaqueño
tender roast pork shank slow braised in a rich black Oaxacan mole
~made with 26 magical ingredients~ green tomatillo rice and sweet plantains 22.

Carne Asada Morita
grilled lime marinated skirt steak with cinnamon scented smoked morita chile salsa
green tomatillo rice and slow cooked pinto beans 24.

Pollo en Mole Poblano
chicken legs and thighs with a delicious Pueblan mole originally known as
“mole de olor” ~ mole of fragrance~ for the wonderful aroma
 served with red tomato rice and sweet plantains 20.

Cangrejitos al Mojo de Ajo
cornmeal crisped fresh soft shell crabs sautéed with golden roasted garlic cloves
served with basmati rice and shallot sautéed swiss chard 22.

Pescado Dorado con Salsa Picosita
grilled mahi mahi filet with a spicy fresh serrano and avocado salsa
 saffron rice and shallot autéed swiss chard 22.

Gambas Gigantes a la Diabla
pan seared giant prawns with fiery “devlish” salsa of arbol~ancho~pasilla chiles
red tomato rice, black beans and guacamole 24.

New Year’s Eve at La Palapa!

Join us for a special New Year’s Eve celebration!