Menu: Dinner at La Palapa


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ARRACHERA al TEQUILA con JALAPEÑOS TORREADOS grilled skirt steak in tequila~lime marinade, roasted spring onions and jalapeños, green rice, charro beans

BARBACOA de CORDERO al CHILE ANCHO ESTILO CATALINA barbecued lamb shank braised with chile ancho and avocado leaves, guacamole, black beans, red tomato rice 

COCHINITA PIBIL yucatan pork roasted in banana leaves and achiote~citrus salsa
xnipec of pickled red onion and habanero ~ saffron rice and sweet plantains

PATO al MOLE NEGRO OAXAQUEÑO grilled duck breast in rich black mole typical of Oaxaca ~ made from 26 magical ingredients ~ red tomato rice, swiss chard

POLLO con PLÁTANOS y SALSA VERDE grilled chicken breast with tomatillo salsa fresca sweet plantains, baked rice tortita, black beans

ENCHILADAS FUNDIDAS DE CARNE ASADA grilled skirt steak enchiladas in arbol salsa melted queso chihuahua, avocado, romaine, sweet onion, crema, queso fresco ~ red tomato rice 

ENCHILADAS de POLLO VERDES o en MOLE ROJO chicken enchiladas in your choice of tomatillo green salsa or rich red mole, housemade queso fresco, mexican crema, sweet onion

rice & beans ~ half & half ~ your choice! 

ARROZ ROJO red tomato rice 
ARROZ VERDE green tomatillo rice 
AL AZAFRÁN vegetarian saffron rice


FRIJOLES PINTOS vegetarian pinto beans
FRIJOLES NEGROS vegetarian black beans
FRIJOLES CHARROS smoky bacon spicy pintos

~*~ substitutions 2.00 ~*~
La Palapa’s Salsas, Moles and Queso Fresco are made daily in the
traditional manner using natural and organic ingredients
service charge of 20% added to parties of six or more
we are unable to take more than 3 credit cards per table – gracias!
** Many of our authentic Mexican dishes are vegetarian and/or vegan ~ please ask your server **





CHILE RELLENO roasted poblano chile stuffed with queso fresco and queso cotija añejo lightly battered in a spiced tomato sauce with red tomato rice and black beans

PLATO VEGETARIANO AZTECA La Palapa’s vegetarian plate: three potato taquitos,guacamole, salsa de arbol, rice tortita, grilled nopal cactus, black beans 

PLATO VEGAN TEPOZTECO La Palapa’s vegan plate: huitlacoche ”corn mushrooms” guacamole, pico de gallo, sautéed swiss chard, grilled nopal cactus, pinto beans

ENCHILADAS de HONGOS VERDES mushroom and queso fresco enchiladas in tomatillo salsa with housemade queso fresco, mexican crema, sweet vidalia onion



TACOS de PESCADO con CREMA DE CHIPOTLE y GUACASALSA three soft corn tacos of achiote rubbed tilapia filet with crisped chile pasilla and romaine sides of chipotle crema and avocado~tomatillo salsa, red tomato rice, black beans

CALAMARES a la DIABLA calamari pan seared with a “devilish” spicy salsa of ancho~pasilla chiles refried vegetarian pinto beans, red tomato rice

PESCADO a la TALLA “ZIHUATANEJO” traditional from the Pacific Coast ~ tilapia filet in guajillo chile and achiote barbeque, saffron rice, sautéed green beans

CAMARONES con MOLE ROJO DE MORELOS shrimp with red guajillo chile mole
from Morelos, red tomato rice, refried vegetarian pinto beans

CAMARONES al MOJO DE AJO shrimp sautéed with golden roasted garlic cloves
red tomato rice, slow cooked black beans

PESCADO al PIPIÁN VERDE baked cat fish filet in mild Yucatecan green pumpkinseed pipián with roasted chile serrano ~ saffron rice, sautéed swiss chard

CAMARONES en SALSA DE TAMARINDO shrimp in tamarind~ancho~pasilla salsa saffron rice, sautéed green beans

~*~   additional cost for substitutions   ~*~ 


* All menu prices are subject to change without notice.