Press: KIP Business Report

Program puts the expertise of retired execs at entrepreneurs’ disposal

For 12 years, Mexican immigrant Barbara Sibley and her friend Margaritte Malfy had toiled in the restaurant industry in New York City, while secretly dreaming one day of owning their own restaurant. So when a mutual friend opened his own eatery, Sibley and Malfy decided that the time had come to make their vision a reality.

There was just one catch. The full-time chefs had no knowledge of the intricacies of setting up a business plan or pursuing financing. Then Sibley and Malfy heard about SCORE, the Service Corp of Retired Executives. There they not only were counseled on incorporation and converting their idea into a business plan, but syas Sibley, “they gave us confidence to follow our dream.”

Today, Sibley and Malfy are celebrating more than 18 months in business serving up Mexican delicacies in their East Village Restaurant, La Palapa. And they are singing the praises of SCORE.

June 14, 2002